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    Kids like playing video games, kind of obvious. But consider that Pew Research Center has stated that 97% of kids from 12 to 17 years old play video games and you may be a bit surprised. While they can be fun once in awhile, thankfully not all of these games are scrambling kid’s brains. There are plenty that help develop critical thinking, reading, and problem solving skills. So whether you have an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo system in your house there are options for “edutainment” that not only entertains, but helps further your kids. There are even a few solid programs for PC’s here to pick up.

  • One example is the game Scribblenauts. A word-based adventure game where you play as Maxwell. Every level of Scribblenauts is an open ended logic puzzle. The player writes the word of what they want Maxwell to use to progress through the situation. So if a kid playing thinks a stegosaurus will help them climb a tree, they write the word stegosaurus on the screen. You may find yourself playing the game once your kid has gone to sleep. Don’t expect this one to be sitting on the shelf for long though, with both games in the series being award winners, they move quick!

    With plenty more games like this that will help teach numbers, spelling, and basic phonics skills, you’ll be happy to know that while your child is playing games, with these, they are also learning. All made available through Little One Learning.

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