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    There is far more to picking out your kid's music than just grabbing the nearest Kidz Bop CD. A number of studies have been done exploring the process of audiation and how it benefits a developing child’s cognitive function. It found that if you think music isn’t good, it really isn’t, and music does directly impact cognitive development. Lili Levinowitz, professor of music education at Rowan University, explains audiation as the same process with music as thinking is with a language. To give an example to the necessity of variety and quality of music; if you only ever hear the same five words spoken, you’ll never develop a competent set of language skills, or if you only ever eat pizza for every meal, you’ll be dangerously malnourished. The same is true for music. You want to expand the cognitive tools they have available by exposing children to vastly different types of music that stretch rhythms and tonalities.

  • Keeping this in mind we recommend music that children can at first easily interact with. One recommendation we like to push forward is the American Folk Anthology produced by the Anthology of American Folk Music. This provides plenty of distinct classic American songs that are favorites for children like If I Had A Hammer. As your child learns these songs, challenge them by mixing up styles across more advanced rap, rock, and shorter classical compositions that tell stories. One example of a classical composition that does this would be Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. Each instrument in this song takes on the role of a different animal or characters. So here children are able to learn about different instruments while learning the story!

    There are just a few of the items we carry. For something easier to leave as a backdrop to other activities a simple common time major key NOW Kids or Kidz Bop album can fill in the role. For the youngest, we have plenty of time tested and well loved nursery rhymes.

    All of this provided proudly from Little One Learning.

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